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The Friends of Skoun Program

We started an online monthly donation program called Friends of Skoun!
It's a new simple way for anyone in our community to support us for as little as $5 or $10 a month.

You are our community and we depend on your backing to be able to be there for the ones that need our support with addiction.
Join Friends of Skoun today on skoun.org/donate, every donation matters!

Lebanon & Drugs: Should the State keep Punishing Substance Use
On June 26th 2019, we held a panel discussion, entitled 'Lebanon & Drugs: Should the State keep Punishing Substance Use', exploring the legal and technical concept of the decriminalization of substance use and discuss the merits of this response to drug use in Lebanon. The discussion followed a presentation of the results of a first of its kind survey conducted in 2018 by Skoun on the drug use patterns (licit and illict), and attitudes and opinions of young people in Lebanon.

Through out treatment: prevention, drug policy and harm reduction work, Skoun contributes to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals: